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Managing Languages (Locales)

Adding a new Language (or Locale) to translate for your app is simple.

Head over to your Project Dashboard and select the Dashboard (or Project name) you wish to add a new language for. 

  1. Click on New Language
  2. Give your new Language a name, and a code:

  3. Code refers to the first value in you YAML file. This would commonly be 'en' for English, 'es' for Spanish, or 'de' for German, but may be something else. This would likely be what you pass to the Ruby on Rails i18n gem, with I18n.locale = :code.

    What's primary language?
    There can only be on 'Primary language' per project. This is the language we use when attempting to Prefill your translations to other languages via Google Translate. So for example, we'll take your English translation for 'project_dashboard' and send the value over to Google to get the Spanish or German translations (or whatever languages you have configured). 

  4. Click 'Save' and that's it, you're ready to start translating the translations to that language.

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